DYSPRAXIATHECA is the first European platform of resources adapted to dyspraxic students and their carers, in English, French, Greek, Italian and Portuguese.

Its objectives are not only to improve the access, participation and performance of dyspraxic students, from 6 to 16 years of age, within the education system, but also to help them gain autonomy in the acts of daily life.

DYSPRAXIATHECA aims to provide practical tools for students, teachers and parents. More than a download area, the platform aims to facilitate, in the near future, the pooling of resources that organizations, companies, schools or individuals could create and wish to make available to all.

DYSPRAXIATHECA is a project supported by the Erasmus+ programme (French National Agency).

DYSPRAXIATHECA brings together


Model lessons

Examples of adaptations in different subjects, to support teachers in differentiation.

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Exercises with accessible ergonomics, to rediscover the pleasure of working on the different academic disciplines.

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Practical sheets

Information, tips and tricks, to facilitate the support of the dyspraxic student in class and at home.

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Online book bank to personalize, for a reading adapted to the needs of each person, from 6 years old.

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